A collection of tools created and maintained by yours truly.
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tebitools - Useful and fun tools for the command line.

List of tools

  • bike(1) A useful tool which prints “bike” to the standard output.

  • cramo(1) “The chaos-reducing automatic music organizer”; an ongoing project attempting to create an automated music library manager in POSIX shell.

  • git-hooks A monorepo containing useful git hooks.

  • protonkey(1) A tool which takes a ProtonMail address as input and downloads and prints to standard output its associated public key.

  • tomcat(1) A TOML parser for the command line.

  • xdg-sanity(1) A stand-in for the XDG desktop entry for the web browser that redirects HTTPS URIs to the proper application instead of to the browser; for example, if a link leading to an image is from an external application, it is not opened in the browser, it is opened in the systems default image viewer.