Added fixed precision point utilities

Sasha Koshka 4 months ago
parent ae551c47ea
commit 234503f104

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// Package fixedutil contains functions that make working with fixed precision
// values easier.
package fixedutil
import "image"
import ""
// Pt creates a fixed point from a regular point.
func Pt (point image.Point) fixed.Point26_6 {
return fixed.P(point.X, point.Y)
// RoundPt rounds a fixed point into a regular point.
func RoundPt (point fixed.Point26_6) image.Point {
return image.Pt(point.X.Round(), point.Y.Round())
// FloorPt creates a regular point from the floor of a fixed point.
func FloorPt (point fixed.Point26_6) image.Point {
return image.Pt(point.X.Floor(),point.Y.Floor())
// CeilPt creates a regular point from the ceiling of a fixed point.
func CeilPt (point fixed.Point26_6) image.Point {
return image.Pt(point.X.Ceil(),point.Y.Ceil())