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@ -8,24 +8,24 @@ import "image/color"
// Cap represents a stroke cap type.
type Cap int; const (
CapButt Cap = iota
CapButt Cap = iota // Square cap that ends at the point
CapRound // Round cap that surrounds the point
CapSquare // square cap that surrounds the point
// Joint represents a stroke joint type.
type Joint int; const (
JointRount Joint = iota
JointRount Joint = iota // Rounded joint
JointSharp // Sharp joint
JointMiter // Clipped/beveled joint
// StrokeAlign determines whether a stroke is drawn inside, outside, or on a
// path.
type StrokeAlign int; const (
StrokeAlignCenter StrokeAlign = iota
StrokeAlignCenter StrokeAlign = iota // Centered on the path
StrokeAlignInner // Inset into the path
StrokeAlignOuter // Outset around the path
// Pen represents a drawing context that is linked to a canvas. Each canvas can
@ -44,9 +44,8 @@ type Pen interface {
StrokeWeight (int) // how thick the stroke is
StrokeAlign (StrokeAlign) // where the stroke is drawn
// set the stroke/fill to a solid color
Stroke (color.Color)
Fill (color.Color)
Stroke (color.Color) // Sets the stroke to a solid color
Fill (color.Color) // Sets the fill to a solid color
// Canvas is an image that supports drawing paths.
@ -62,6 +61,7 @@ type Canvas interface {
// Drawer is an object that can draw to a canvas.
type Drawer interface {
// Draw draws to the given canvas.
Draw (Canvas)

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@ -27,7 +27,10 @@ func (mime Mime) String () string {
return mime.Type + "/" + mime.Subtype
// MimePlain returns the MIME type of plain text.
func MimePlain () Mime { return Mime { "text", "plain" } }
// MimeFile returns the MIME type of a file path/URI.
func MimeFile () Mime { return Mime { "text", "uri-list" } }
type byteReadCloser struct { *bytes.Reader }

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@ -111,25 +111,66 @@ type Object interface {
type Box interface {
// Window returns the Window this Box is a part of.
Window () Window
// Bounds returns the outer bounding rectangle of the Box relative to
// the Window.
Bounds () image.Rectangle
// InnerBounds returns the inner bounding rectangle of the box. It is
// the value of Bounds inset by the Box's border and padding.
InnerBounds () image.Rectangle
// MinimumSize returns the minimum width and height this Box's bounds
// can be set to. This will return the value of whichever of these is
// greater:
// - The size as set by SetMinimumSize
// - The size taken up by the Box's border and padding. If there is
// internal content that does not overflow, the size of that is also
// taken into account here.
MinimumSize () image.Point
// SetBounds sets the bounding rectangle of this Box relative to the
// Window.
SetBounds (image.Rectangle)
// SetColor sets the background color of this Box.
SetColor (color.Color)
// SetBorder sets the Border(s) of the box. The first Border will be the
// most outset, and the last Border will be the most inset.
SetBorder (...Border)
// SetMinimumSize sets the minimum width and height of the box, as
// described in MinimumSize.
SetMinimumSize (image.Point)
// SetPadding sets the padding between the Box's innermost Border and
// its content.
SetPadding (Inset)
// SetDNDData sets the data that will be picked up if this Box is
// dragged. If this is nil (which is the default), this Box will not be
// picked up.
SetDNDData (data.Data)
// SetDNDAccept sets the type of data that can be dropped onto this Box.
// If this is nil (which is the default), this Box will reject all
// drops.
SetDNDAccept (
// SetFocused sets whether or not this Box has keyboard focus. If set to
// true, this method will steal focus away from whichever Object
// currently has focus.
SetFocused (bool)
// SetFocusable sets whether or not this Box can receive keyboard focus.
// If set to false and the Box is already focused. the focus is removed.
SetFocusable (bool)
// Focused returns whether or not this Box has keyboard focus.
Focused () bool
// Modifiers returns which modifier keys on the keyboard are currently
// being held down.
Modifiers () input.Modifiers
// MousePosition returns the position of the mouse pointer relative to
// the Window.
MousePosition () image.Point
// These are event subscription functions that allow callbacks to be
// connected to particular events. Multiple callbacks may be connected
// to the same event at once. Callbacks can be removed by closing the
// returned cookie.
OnFocusEnter (func ()) event.Cookie
OnFocusLeave (func ()) event.Cookie
OnDNDEnter (func ()) event.Cookie
@ -148,7 +189,13 @@ type Box interface {
// CanvasBox is a box that can be drawn to.
type CanvasBox interface {
// SetDrawer sets the Drawer that will be called upon to draw the Box's
// content when it is invalidated.
SetDrawer (canvas.Drawer)
// Invalidate causes the Box's area to be redrawn at the end of the
// event cycle, even if it wouldn't be otherwise.
Invalidate ()
@ -156,77 +203,151 @@ type CanvasBox interface {
// is to be embedded into TextBox and ContainerBox.
type ContentBox interface {
// SetOverflow sets whether or not the Box's content overflows
// horizontally and vertically. Overflowing content is clipped to the
// bounds of the Box inset by all Borders (but not padding).
SetOverflow (horizontal, vertical bool)
ContentBounds () image.Rectangle
ScrollTo (image.Point)
OnContentBoundsChange (func ()) event.Cookie
// SetAlign sets how the Box's content is distributed horizontally and
// vertically.
SetAlign (x, y Align)
// ContentBounds returns the bounds of the inner content of the Box
// relative to the window.
ContentBounds () image.Rectangle
// ScrollTo shifts the origin of the Box's content to the origin of the
// Box's InnerBounds, offset by the given point.
ScrollTo (image.Point)
// OnContentBoundsChange specifies a function to be called when the
// Box's ContentBounds or InnerBounds changes.
OnContentBoundsChange (func ()) event.Cookie
// TextBox is a box that contains text content.
type TextBox interface {
// SetText sets the text content of the Box.
SetText (string)
// SetTextColor sets the text color.
SetTextColor (color.Color)
// SetFace sets the font face text is rendered in.
SetFace (font.Face)
// SetWrap sets whether or not the text wraps.
SetWrap (bool)
// SetSelectable sets whether or not the text content can be
// highlighted/selected.
SetSelectable (bool)
// Select sets the text cursor or selection.
Select (text.Dot)
// Dot returns the text cursor or selection.
Dot () text.Dot
// OnDotChange specifies a function to be called when the text cursor or
// selection changes.
OnDotChange (func ()) event.Cookie
// ContentBox is a box that can contain child objects. It arranges them
// ContentBox is a box that can contain child Objects. It arranges them
// according to a layout rule.
type ContainerBox interface {
PropagateEvents (bool)
SetGap (image.Point)
Add (Object)
Delete (Object)
Insert (child Object, before Object)
Clear ()
Length () int
At (int) Object
SetLayout (Layout)
// SetPropagateEvents specifies whether or not child Objects will
// receive user input events. It is true by default. If it is false, all
// user input that would otherwise be directed to a child Box is
// directed to this Box.
SetPropagateEvents (bool)
// SetGap sets the gap between child Objects.
SetGap (image.Point)
// Add appends a child Object.
Add (Object)
// Delete removes a child Object, if it is a child of this Box.
Delete (Object)
// Insert inserts a child Object before a specified Object. If the
// before Object is nil or is not contained within this Box, the
// inserted Object is appended.
Insert (child Object, before Object)
// Clear removes all child Objects.
Clear ()
// Length returns the amount of child objects.
Length () int
// At returns the child Object at the specified index.
At (int) Object
// SetLayout sets the layout of this Box. Child Objects will be
// positioned according to it.
SetLayout (Layout)
// LayoutHints are passed to a layout to tell it how to arrange child boxes.
type LayoutHints struct {
// Bounds is the bounding rectangle that children should be placed
// within. Any padding values are already applied.
Bounds image.Rectangle
// OverflowX and OverflowY control wether child Boxes may be positioned
// outside of Bounds.
OverflowX bool
OverflowY bool
// AlignX and AlignY control how child Boxes are aligned horizontally
// and vertically. The effect of this may vary depending on the Layout.
AlignX Align
AlignY Align
// Gap controls the amount of horizontal and vertical spacing in-between
// child Boxes.
Gap image.Point
// Layout can be given to a ContainerBox to arrange child objects.
// A Layout can be given to a ContainerBox to arrange child objects.
type Layout interface {
// MinimumSize returns the minimum width and height of
// LayoutHints.Bounds needed to properly lay out all child Boxes.
MinimumSize (LayoutHints, []Box) image.Point
// Arrange arranges child boxes according to the given LayoutHints.
Arrange (LayoutHints, []Box)
// Window is an operating system window. It can contain one object.
type Window interface {
// SetRoot sets the root child of the window. There can only be one at
// a time, and setting it will remove the current child if there is one.
SetRoot (Object)
// SetTitle sets the title of the window.
SetTitle (string)
SetIcon (sizes []image.Image)
NewMenu (image.Rectangle) (Window, error)
NewModal (image.Rectangle) (Window, error)
// SetIcon sets the icon of the window. When multiple icon sizes are
// provided, the best fitting one is chosen for display.
SetIcon (... image.Image)
// Widget returns a window representing a smaller iconified form of this
// window. How exactly this window is used depends on the platform.
// Subsequent calls to this method on the same window will return the
// same window object.
Widget () (Window, error)
// NewMenu creates a new menu window. This window is undecorated and
// will close once the user clicks outside of it.
NewMenu (image.Rectangle) (Window, error)
// NewModal creates a new modal window that blocks all input to this
// window until it is closed.
NewModal (image.Rectangle) (Window, error)
// Copy copies data to the clipboard.
Copy (data.Data)
// Paste reads data from the clipboard. When the data is available or an
// error has occurred, the provided function will be called.
Paste (callback func (data.Data, error), accept
// Show shows the window.
Show ()
// Hide hides the window.
Hide ()
// Close closes the window.
Close ()
// OnClose specifies a function to be called when the window is closed.
OnClose (func ()) event.Cookie
// MainWindow is a top-level operating system window.
type MainWindow interface {
// NewChild creates a new window that is semantically a child of this
// window. It does not actually reside within this window, but it may be
// linked to it via some other means. This is intended for things like
// toolboxes and tear-off menus.
NewChild (image.Rectangle) (Window, error)