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package tomo
import "image"
// Backend represents a connection to a display server, or something similar.
// It is capable of managing an event loop, and creating windows.
type Backend interface {
// Run runs the backend's event loop. It must block until the backend
// experiences a fatal error, or Stop() is called.
Run () error
// Stop stops the backend's event loop.
Stop ()
// Do executes the specified callback within the main thread as soon as
// possible. This method must be safe to call from other threads.
Do (callback func ())
// NewEntity creates a new entity for the specified element.
NewEntity (owner Element) Entity
// NewWindow creates a new window within the specified bounding
// rectangle. The position on screen may be overridden by the backend or
// operating system.
NewWindow (bounds image.Rectangle) (MainWindow, error)
// SetTheme sets the theme of all open windows.
SetTheme (Theme)
// SetConfig sets the configuration of all open windows.
SetConfig (Config)
var backend Backend
// GetBackend returns the currently running backend.
func GetBackend () Backend {
return backend
// SetBackend sets the currently running backend. The backend can only be set
// once—if there already is one then this function will do nothing.
func SetBackend (b Backend) {
if backend != nil { return }
backend = b
// Bounds creates a rectangle from an x, y, width, and height.
func Bounds (x, y, width, height int) image.Rectangle {
return image.Rect(x, y, x + width, y + height)