New utilities for a new era.
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“Seek not to walk the path of the masters; seek what they sought.”
 Matsuo Basho

The Bonsai harakit utilities are a replacement for standard POSIX utilities
which aim to fill its niche while expanding on their capabilities. These new
tools are the result of the careful examination of the current state of POSIX
and Unix utilies. The Unix Philosophy of “do one thing and do it well” are their
core but they avoid clinging to the past.

The era of the original Unix tools has been long and fruitful, but they have
their flaws. This project originated from frustrations with the way certain
tools work and how other projects that extend POSIX dont make anything better.

This project will not follow in the footsteps of GNU; extensions of POSIX will
not be found here. GNU extensions are a gateway to the misuse of the shell. The
harakit utilities will intentionally discourage use of the shell for purposes
beyond its scope.

See docs/ for more on the specific utilities currently implemented.


Harakit utilities require a POSIX-compliant environment to compile, including a
C compiler and preprocessor (cc(1) and cpp(1) by default), an edition 2023 Rust
compiler (rustc(1) by default), bindgen(1), and a POSIX-compliant make(1)

To build and install:

$ make
$ make PREFIX="/your/preferred/location" install

To build with a different compiler than the default:

$ make CC=clang
$ make RUSTC=gccrs

To test the utilities:

$ make test

To remove all build and distributable files:

$ make clean

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