A tool to help my sanity when opening http/s links.
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The xdg-sanity script is built to replace your default web browser in your desktop/XDG settings. It intercepts http/s URIs sent to the default browser by xdg-open and sends it to the appropriate application. For example, it will send image/jpeg MIME type files to your image viewer.



I maintain a package on the AUR.

From Source

First, make sure you have curl(1) and handlr(1) installed. Then, clone this repository and move the xdg-sanity/ folder into /etc and xdg-sanity.sh to xdg-sanity wherever your operating system stores locally-installed binaries. This is usually /usr/local/bin. Make sure the installation location is in your $PATH.

Create a xdg-sanity.desktop file either manually or with gendesk(1), placing it, also, where your OS stores locally-installed .desktop files, usually /usr/local/applications. Set your default web browser to that .desktop file.

Add your default web browser to /etc/xdg-sanity/xdg-sanity.conf so the script can forward links to it.


Open links from applications outside your web browser as normal. Alternatively, you can call xdg-sanity directly with the only argument accepted being a URI.