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Docker images used on Opnxng
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Docker images used on Opnxng

If there's no suitable upstream image, we build and host one on this repo. Most images are built for our ARM64 servers. But others are free to use them.

We use a custom SearXNG container with a changed theme based on the paulgo fork.

Thanks to mrpaulblack, aryak, Xavi, Lomanic, TheFrenchGhosty, and other developers.

Contact us via email.

Source Image
caddyserver/caddy opnxng/caddy
paulgo/searxng opnxng/searxng (for ARM64)
zedeus/nitter opnxng/nitter (guest_accounts branch)
Ahwxorg/binternet opnxng/binternet (for ARM64)
ManeraKai/simplytranslate opnxng/simplytranslate
ether/etherpad-lite opnxng/etherpad
kev/imgin opnxng/imgin
wolfree/wolfree-dockerfile opnxng/wolfree
ThePenguinDev/proxigram opnxng/proxigram
Bing Chilling/Rat Aint Tieba opnxng/rat-aint-tieba
ansible/ansible opnxng/ansible
zyachel/quetre pussthecatorg/quetre
zyachel/libremdb pussthecatorg/libremdb
cadence/breezewiki pussthecatorg/breezewiki
timvisee/send xavion-lux/send
httpjamesm/AnonymousOverflow aryak/anonymousoverflow-docker-builds
edwardloveall/Scribe Lomanic/scribe-binaries
cadence/tube-meta abeltramo/cloudtube
maxmind/geoipupdate maxmind/geoipupdate
pablouser1/ProxiTok pablouser1/proxitok
PrivateBin/PrivateBin privatebin/unit-alpine
CorentinTh/it-tools corentinth/it-tools
cinnyapp/cinny cinnyapp/cinny
Frooodle/Stirling-PDF frooodle/s-pdf
teddit/teddit teddit/teddit
libreddit/libreddit libreddit/libreddit
aeharding/voyager aeharding/voyager
rystaf/mlmym rystaf/mlmym
Xyphyn/photon Xyphyn/photon
Ahwxorg/Binternet ahwxorg/binternet
gothub/gothub gothub/gothub
go-gitea/gitea gitea/gitea (with Rainnny7/gitea-github-theme)
gitea/act_runner gitea/act_runner
binwiederhier/ntfy binwiederhier/ntfy
louislam/uptime-kuma louislam/uptime-kuma