YouTube helper script for mpv & yt-dlp
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yt(1) is a helper script providing functions for use with mpv and yt-dlp for
viewing and interacting with YouTube videos.

- curl(1)
- jq(1)
- mpv(1)
- yt-dlp(1)

- Set this variable to a dmenu-compatible picker for use with the pick

yt add | archive | cache | clone | music | pick | play | queue | verify

add uri file
- Adds a video by URI to a playlist

archive uri...
- Archives a video on the Wayback Machine

cache uri...
- Caches a video title

clone uri file
- Clones a YouTube playlist to a file

music uri...
- Downloads a video as audio, splitting it by chapter

pick file...
- Opens $PICKER to a list of videos in a file

play uri...
- Plays a video, caching its title first

queue file...
- Queues a playlist

verify file...
- Verifies that all the videos in a playlist are existent on YouTube, and if
they arent, attempts to replace the URI with one from the Wayback Machine. If
the video isnt available on the Wayback Machine, it comments the video link. It
then caches the title of the video.