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Old core utilities for the previous era.
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For the Bonsai coreutils, a better Unix toolset, please visit

      wwwww        /
     wWWWWWw      /_  _____ _       *       "It's not a very good tree, but
      w|||w      /  \/  \ /  | /\  / /|/     occasionally it bears fruit!"
     _,|||._   _/\__/|__//  /_/_|_/_//|__
     bonsix : "BOHN zix" : "Bonsai" but "POSIX"

The excellent Bonsai core utilities are the result of the careful examination
of the current state of POSIX and Unix utilities, ironing out wrinkles in the
implementations that ended up being worn by the POSIX standard. Bonsai's
guiding quote is this one from Matsuo Basho:

"Seek not to walk the path of the masters; seek what they sought."

Unlike Bonsai, Bonsix intends to walk the path of the masters, implementing a
POSIX userland under an AGPLv3 license and taking inspiration from the
practices used by Bonsai.


Bonsix requires an existing POSIX-compliant environment to compile, including a
C compiler and preprocessor (cc(1) and cpp(1) by default) and a POSIX-compliant
make(1) utility.

To build and install:

$ make
$ make PREFIX="/your/preferred/location" install

To build with a different compiler than the default:

$ make CC=clang

Copyright © 20232024 Emma Tebibyte <emma@tebibyte.media>
Copyright © 2024 DTB <trinity@trinity.moe>

This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit