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Terminal-specific HTML-like markup language based on S-expressions.

Updated 5 months ago

The interactive calculator that pops and sizzles

Updated 4 months ago

Multi-platform bot created for a variety of productivity- and recreation-related functions.

Updated 4 months ago


Updated 2 months ago

DataToPixel is a Python module that converts arbitrary ASCII data into images, and back.

Updated 1 year ago

Briefly "flash" the opacity of Sway windows on focus. Features easing.

Updated 8 months ago

A Minecraft mod manager for the terminal.

Updated 3 hours ago

Tebitea customizations

Updated 7 months ago

the website

Updated 2 months ago

The ARF programming language

Updated 5 months ago

A tool to help my sanity when opening http/s links.

Updated 2 days ago

piss terminal

Updated 6 months ago

bang language

Updated 3 months ago

Minimal Gitea web interface

Updated 5 months ago

POSIX-compliant system utilities

Updated 1 month ago

personal website at

Updated 3 weeks ago

blockbot for {miss,found,calc}key

Updated 2 weeks ago

A collection of tools created and maintained by yours truly.

Updated 5 days ago

ProtonMail PGP key downloader

Updated 2 days ago

A simple calendar

Updated 4 months ago