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A Minecraft mod manager for the terminal.

Updated 4 hours ago

A content management system built to last.

Updated 1 day ago

Forked from pyfisch/rust-charsets

Updated 2 days ago

Small Rust standard library alternative

Updated 3 days ago

blockbot for {miss,found,calc}key

Updated 2 weeks ago

POSIX-compliant system utilities

Updated 1 month ago

Utility for working with boolean logic expressions

Updated 2 months ago

Multi-platform bot created for a variety of productivity- and recreation-related functions.

Updated 4 months ago

Terminal-specific HTML-like markup language based on S-expressions.

Updated 5 months ago

piss terminal

Updated 6 months ago

Briefly "flash" the opacity of Sway windows on focus. Features easing.

Updated 8 months ago

TUI for displaying information about and controlling currently playing media.

Updated 8 months ago

A Qt-based Gemini client written in Rust.

Updated 1 year ago

Data structure testbed

Updated 1 year ago

A virtual machine / bytecode runtime for 3D math

Updated 1 year ago

Low-level simulation loop

Updated 1 year ago